Studio Options
  I have great lighting in my home and can set up a studio here for infants and small children. I also have studio lights I can set up on location for parties, weddings, receptions and more. I have small travel lights which can go anywhere for more lighting options outside.

Wondering what to wear?
  Plain, darker solid colors are best with no logos and lots of layers and accessories!
White and pastel colors wash out, so unless you're getting married, stay away from white.

For families and couples wear coordinating colors but not necessarily “matchy matchy”
If you would like to be in a few shots with your newborn wear a black, long sleeved shirt. 

If you are undecided on what to wear you could e-mail me a picture of your outfits and I could give you a second opinion.

About the Edits
  I want you to love your pictures. I want you to have the look that you want your images to have even if it is different then my personal style. If you have any ideas or suggestions you want to try out feel free to let me know. I will do my best to capture that image.

Processing time for your images is 3 to 4 weeks. A rushed processing time is an extra $20.

Note: If you would like more edits added to your package its an additional $5 per edit.

  When printing at Wal-mart or any other printing store make sure the "auto fix" is turned off. If there isn't a place to turn it off, ask the clerk to turn it off for you so your pictures don't come out differently than they look on the screen.